To do this right and to do this efficiently, we need to put together an small but amazing team of a+ partners.  Here’s what the first key components look like from my perspective:


A nuts and bolts producer with experience in executing high production value on a small budget.  Someone who is nimble and familiar with the sports world, the documentary world, and the high polish production world.

MY recommendation: PETER TRUCCO (lo+behold)


A production company partner with a pedigree in the space and a desire to tackle challenging subject matter.  Experience in documentary, specifically sports. production infrastructure: guild contracts, insurance, office space.

my recommendation: film 45


A creative team of technicians that are passionate and invested.  Priorities—

1) a top-shelf cinematographer

2) a researcher aka "story producer" (with experience in the doc world)

3) Soon but not as urgent: an amazing editor (and tbd support staff)